Lane Clark Workshop Series

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What professional learning does Lane offer?

Lane Clark provides a number of professional learning services and resources including: Keynote Presentations, an In-school Workshop Series, Bespoke Workshops, an Action Research Program, Free Support for Teachers, In-School Modelling, In-School Planning, Support for Leaders, Support for Parents and Consultation.

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How much does it cost to work with Lane?

Fees for presentations and consultation services vary according to the nature of the presentation or consultation service and is dependant on the size of the group attending.  Please contact us at to find out more details about the fees and expenses associated with the presentation you are interested in.

Who does Lane work with?

Lane has been working with students, teachers and school leaders for more than 18 years.  At the last count, she had presented in 14 countries across five continents and had presented to more than 35 000 educators.   She works for extended periods in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, spending six or seven months ‘on the road’ each year.

Lane offers her powerful workshop series to educators working at the pre- primary level, through to University.  She has also worked significantly with Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions.

Because the focus of Lane’s work is on the explicit teaching of thinking and learning, her approach is applicable to all learners.  Lane has developed her strategies and tools developmentally.  When working with a specific group, Lane references the appropriate teaching and learning structures and provides examples using the curriculum documents mandated for her target audience.