Lane Clark Workshop Series

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real portfolios ™

2 Day Workshop


2–day criteria workshop: real assessment™
2–day foundation workshop: where thinking and learning meet™
2–day extension workshop:real thinking™
2–day workshop: processes for learning™ is recommended


Workshop_RealPortfoliosOnce learners develop the ability to self-assess and evaluate themselves using criteria, a more comprehensive understanding of strengths and weaknesses can evolve through the introduction of authentic Portfolios. This workshop focuses on developing the participant’s ability to design and implement authentic Portfolios through a step by step guide. Participants will consolidate their ability to develop fair, valid, educative, comprehensive and most importantly, completely objective criteria that seamlessly embeds thinking; they will develop their understanding of student written reports and student led interviews, and will explore the realities of including these practices in their classroom program. An approach that enables learners to develop criteria independently and responsibly will also be introduced. As learners develop their own criteria, select work samples, self-assess and evaluate, set goals, and monitor progress, they are empowered to become truly independent and self-directed in their learning.


  • consolidate your ability to develop criteria that is written in kid speak, is observable, measurable and completely objective
  • further develop your ability to design rubrics to progress based on deeper and broader thinking NOT more or different learning outcomes
  • further develop your ability to design content, process and skill criteria in accordance to your curriculum documents
  • consolidate your ability to develop and infuse content, skills and process criteria into your assessment practices
  • further develop your ability to guide learners in their independent self-assessment, evaluation, and the setting and monitoring of personal goals
  • explore examples of student written report cards and student led interviews
  • design a personal plan for implementing student written report cards and completely student led interviews
  • explore the similarities and differences between work sample folders, digital and non-digital portfolios
  • develop your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of ‘real portfolios™’
  • use your understanding to design ‘real portfolios™’ through a step by step guide