Lane Clark Workshop Series

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‘unpacking’ the curriculum




Workshop_UnpackingtheCurriculumThe design of rigorous, substantive learning opportunities that address developmental readiness, requires an in-depth understanding of curriculum. Anything less would likely result in the superficial address of learning outcomes and subsequent superficial learning by our students. When teachers learn to ‘unpack’ curriculum outcomes for the rigor associated with each; and they learn to place outcomes on a developmental continua that increases according to depth and breadth, teacher planning and student learning are transformed.

Further to this, once rigor is ‘unpacked’ and explicitly outlined, teachers can better recognize learning outcomes that authentically relate. Unit planning can transition from ‘theme’ based units that incorporate superficial contrived connections to truly ‘authentic’ integrated units, where multiple disciplines underpin the learner’s ability to progress through the unit.

The benefits of truly understanding your curriculum documents should not be underestimated!

Would you like to better understand your curriculum document?
Would you like to learn how to ‘unpack’ outcomes for rigor, depth and breadth?
Would you like to use your curriculum document to more efficiently and effectively design learning, assess and evaluate your students?
Would you like to organize your entire curriculum framework into an ‘at a glance’ document for greater ease in planning?
Would you like to learn how to use the curriculum to effectively design authentic, rigorous, comprehensive, cross-curricular learning units for your students?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – this workshop is for you!


  • develop your knowledge and understanding of the relationships that exist between the various components of your curriculum framework
  • develop your ability to ‘unpack’ your learning outcomes / Standards for the rigor and thinking embedded within
  • design your own ‘at a glance’ curriculum framework document which incorporates all components required to effectively design curriculum; assess and evaluate your learners
  • develop your ability to recognize any developmental gaps inherent in the outcomes and ‘fill in the gaps’ as required
  • develop your ability to recognize the outcomes/Standards that progress based upon ‘more content’ versus deeper and broader thinking; and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that growth is based on both components
  • develop your ability to use your new ‘at a glance’ curriculum framework, to design authentic, comprehensive, rigorous, cross-curricular learning units for students