Lane Clark Workshop Series

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Lane’s reputation as a passionate, engaging and inspiring keynote presenter is well-earned. She has keynoted dozens of international, national and regional conferences around the world.  Most recently, she was one of the keynote presenters at the International Conference on Thinking in Bilbao, Spain in 2015 (alongside Edward De Bono, Howard Gardner, Art Costa, David Perkins among others).

During her keynotes and conference workshops, Lane challenges the beliefs and practices of her audience members, promoting deep reflection and offering insightful and innovative possibilities for growth and change. Lane has provided keynote presentations and conference workshops on a host of focus areas that include:


  • the explicit teaching and infusion of real thinking and real learning
  • building pedagogic capacity
  • learning how to learn
  • inquiry based learning
  • student self-assessment and evaluation
  • portfolio based assessment
  • curriculum unpacking
  • curriculum planning and design
  • differentiation
  • technology as a tool to enhance thinking and learning
  • latest research and best practice

VIDEO 1: In this 75 minute keynote from the 2010 ULearn conference in New Zealand, Lane explores how we learn in the real world and compares it to the learning approach that is most common in schools everywhere.

Lane believes that HOW we educate is at least as important as what we educate about. She argues that we need to teach our students how to learn and how to think.  And our learners need to understand the relationship between the two.

VIDEO 2: In this short interview, Lane shares her vision for education. She explains that teaching children HOW to think and HOW to learn for themselves is critical.  Lane challenges teachers to think about their own vision for education and what they want to create for their students.

Lane works closely with conference organisers before her presentations to design keynotes and workshops that meet the specific needs of each particular conference she presents at.

VIDEO 3: ICOT2013 Interview: In 2013, at the International Conference on Thinking in Wellington, NZ, Lane revealed her new ideas about the 12 dimensions of thinking infusion.

Lane is most often invited to speak at education conferences but has also shared her thinking with business leaders who wish to further their understanding of how thinking and learning can be strategically promoted within their organisations.

Video 4: ICOT2015 Interview. A short interview with Lane at the International Conference on Thinking in Bilbao, Spain

To book Lane as a keynote and workshop presenter at your next conference, email us at the following email address: