Lane Clark Workshop Series

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  • Lane challenges your pedagogy and then gives you the tools to make it better.

    Kevin McCabe, Principal
    Jervoise PS, Birmingham, England
  • Simply the best professional learning I’ve attended in 40 years of teaching!

    Michael West, Principal
    Gladstone View PS, VIC, Australia
  • The best consultant I have ever heard and worked with! Lane walks the talk, and gets teachers to think beyond the boundaries of their experience, as she teaches, models and supports.

    Donna Hall, Director of Staff Development
    West Seneca School District, New York, United States
  • This is the best PD I’ve ever been involved in. The continuing support that Lane offers THROUGHOUT each year is rich, deep and rigorous!

    Debbie Chandler, Principal
    Mildura South PS, VIC Australia
  • Lane’s enthusiasm, energy and passion for learning are contagious. Her knowledge and expertise in the arena of thinking and learning is unparalleled. The result is outstanding, practice-changing PD!

    Michael Mifsud, Deputy Principal
    St. John’s Riverstone PS, NSW Australia
About Lane


The Lane Clark Workshop Series is an approach to teacher in-service that recognizes, promotes and builds upon developmental learning. Offered as a multi-staged program with nine workshops available.

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Lane has spoken at numerous international, national and regional conferences, challenging the beliefs and practices of her audience, offering insightful and innovative possibilities for growth and change. learn more


Lane Clark has a well-earned reputation as an expert in powerful pedagogy and in the design and delivery of engaging curriculum. Lane is available for group or individual consultation.

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Valuable tools and resources are now available online. These selected resources are designed to help educators and previous workshop participants expand their “teaching toolbox”.

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DEEP THINKING FOR DEEP LEARNING: 22nd to 23rd April, 2024. Catholic Leadership Centre, Melbourne [$700 pp]. Email us for more details -

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