Lane Clark Workshop Series

real. thinking learning assesment



where thinking and learning meet ™

2 Day Foundational Seminar / Workshop


Workshop_WhereThinkingLearningMeetIf it is our intention to see an increase in student levels of engagement; and levels of high school retention; an improvement in student standards; and see learners skilled and ready to contribute to their world, then we have to rethink what we are doing, and how we are doing what we are doing, in our schools.

We’ve got to teach our kids how to think and how to learn. We’ve got to make intellectual rigour, depth of knowledge and understanding, as well as authentic, relevant and purposeful curriculum and instruction our priorities. We’ve got to change the way learning opportunities are planned, designed, implemented, assessed and evaluated.

This workshop invites you to examine current beliefs and practice. It offers a fresh and practical approach to re-thinking and re-engineering how teachers teach and how learners learn. It brings to life ‘best practice’ research. This is an outstanding professional development opportunity – don’t miss it!


  • challenge current thinking and pedagogical practice
  • develop new knowledge and understandings
  • deepen and broaden knowledge and understanding, as you explore the following questions:

What does ‘real learning’ look like and sound like?
What is the relationship between ‘real learning’ and ‘in-school learning’?
What does it mean to think?
How is depth and breadth of thinking developed?
How does learning physiologically occur in the brain?
What do educators ‘unintentionally’ do to inhibit learning?
How can educators use knowledge about how the brain learns to promote schema construction and long-term memory storage?”
How does instructional design need to change in order to prepare learners for their future and NOT our past?

  • develop specific practical knowledge, understanding and skills associated with three key components of a ‘real thinking and learning’ classroom:
  1. immersion and learning centres
  2. thethinkchart™ organiser
  3. thethinkitgreat™ learning process
  • develop practical knowledge and understanding of the ‘clark 9 step planning process’ – a process that will enable and empower teachers to change their pedagogical practice