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Criteria can be developed for processes, content and skills.  While interconnected, each type of criteria offers the learner a different direction and opportunity for growth.  Once learners become familiar with criteria are consistently using it to self assess and evaluate, it is recommended that all three types be provided.  Learners and parents value what is evaluated!When ‘skills’ criteria are embedded into the learning, the ‘what to do’ is promoted.  When criteria for ‘processes’ are provided, the ‘how to do’ is recognized and we send the message that process matters. Finally, when content criteria is embedded into the learning, learners begin to value not only what they need to know and understand, but as importantly, depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding are recognized.

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Examples of all three types of criteria have been provided for your reference and use.  Enjoy!

skills criteria (folder) includes:

  • [download id=”46″]
  • [download id=”47″]
  • [download id=”48″]
  • [download id=”49″]
  • [download id=”50″]
  • [download id=”51″]
  • [download id=”52″]
  • [download id=”53″]

process criteria (folder) includes:

  • [download id=”54″]
  • [download id=”55″]

content criteria

  • [download id=”56″]
  • [download id=”57″]
  • [download id=”59″]
  • [download id=”60″]
  • [download id=”61″]
  • [download id=”62″]
  • [download id=”63″]

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skills criteria (folder) includes:

[download id="46"]
[download id="47"]
[download id="48"]
[download id="49"]
[download id="50"]
[download id="51"]
[download id="52"]
[download id="53"]


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