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thinktank™ – processes for learning

thinktank™ – processes for learning

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Hawker Brownlow Publishing 2009
Authors: Lane Clark

All ‘subject’ learning, requires the attainment of knowledge, skills and processes. Unfortunately, in most curriculum documents, it is only the knowledge and skills that are explicitly identified. The omission of ‘process outcomes’ has significant implications on the thinking and learning outcomes achieved by our learners. Successful learning requires the knowledge of; and the ability to, progress through a wide variety of processes. Effective problem solving can be promoted through the use of a problem solving process; quality writing can be enhanced through the use of a publishing process; the ability to engage in effective, valid investigation can be improved with the use of an investigatory process; and the use of a technology process can advance the capacity to produce innovative products.

Processes provide learners with a picture of the ‘whole’ while enabling them to focus  on the ‘parts’. Confusion and incomplete thinking is avoided; quality is promoted; self-direction, responsibility, accountability and autonomy are explicitly facilitated. What if learners were empowered with processes for learning?

This set of Learning Processes includes:

solutionthink™– a process for solving problems and meeting challenges
authorthink™ – a process for quality publishing
techthink™ -a process quality producing
sciencethink™ – a process for quality investigation
futurethink™ – a process for the viable prediction of the future
thinkitgreat™ – a process of deconstruction for quality construction
thinkitthru™– a process for quality decision making
readerthink™ – a processes for quality reading and comprehension

Each process can be purchased separately or as a complete set. Included is a ‘Processes for Thinking and Learning ‘step by step’ users guide, student models, planners and detailed criteria at a range of developmental levels.

NOTE: thinkitthru™ and readerthink™ are new processes and are not yet available through Hawker Brownlow Publishing

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